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There’s hardly a day that goes by without another story being written about the housing crisis in California. From the Bay Area all the way down to San Diego, and
Though the next Presidential election is nearly 20 months away, Decision 2020 is already in full swing. High-profile Democratic candidates are announcing election bids on a near-weekly basis, confirming that
Housing is, practically by definition, an environmental issue. Where we build housing says a lot about our views on and treatment of the land on which we live and how
Up for Growth National Coalition’s Housing Underproduction in the U.S. report pegged the American housing shortage at 7.3-million homes, which spanned 22 states and the District of Columbia. Indeed, our
Unless the Washington state legislature acts, over 2,000 units of affordable housing could suddenly become unaffordable over the next four years, potentially increasing rents by as much as 100% and
Last fall, Up for Growth National Coalition released its Housing Underproduction in Oregon report, determining that from 2000 – 2015, Oregon was 155,000 homes short of meeting its housing needs.
Last week, I had the honor of introducing Heather Worthington at the Urban Land Institute Terwilliger Center for Housing’s Housing Opportunity 2019 conference in Newport Beach, California. If Heather’s name
Early in 2019, I accepted an invitation to speak at the Mason County Affordable Workforce Housing Summit, in Washington state’s relatively remote Olympic Peninsula. We often tend to think of
After the runoff in the Mississippi Senate special election and the final ballots in California are counted, Election 2018 has finally wrapped. In the House, Democrats will take control for
PORTLAND, OR – Up for Growth Action (UFGA) and Oregon Smart Growth (OSG) have entered into a strategic partnership, giving UFGA a foothold in its third state and OSG access
It likely comes as no surprise to many readers that California is underproducing housing. According to Up for Growth’s latest report, “Housing Underproduction in California,” from 2000 – 2015, America’s
America is facing a new type of housing crisis, one of affordability. In the wake of the Great Recession, a housing shortage, coupled with house prices increasing at a pace