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WASHINGTON, DC – The reintroduction of the Task Force on the Impact of the Affordable Housing Crisis Act is a positive step for pro-housing solutions, according to Up for Growth
WASHINGTON, DC - Up for Growth Action, a Washington, DC-based 501(c)(4) that advocates for pro-housing policies at the state and federal levels, applauded the reintroduction of the Affordable Housing Credit
As many of you likely know, much of our modern municipal zoning regime was created after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down government-backed residential segregation in Buchanan v. Warley in
America’s approach to housing, and particularly affordable housing, has ebbed and flowed over the past century. The nation's focus on housing policy has shifted based on contemporary housing and economic
Last week, members of Up for Growth Action were in the nation’s capital for our first annual DC Policy Summit and Legislative Advocacy Conference. We had two full days of
WASHINGTON, DC - Up for Growth National Coalition unveiled its interactive Housing Policy and Affordability Calculator today during Up for Growth Action’s first annual Washington, DC Policy Summit. The first
The State of Washington’s Housing Trust Fund was formed to develop and preserve affordable housing for low-income and vulnerable Washingtonians. Dollars from this fund are accessed to support a wide
Earlier this month, the City of Portland released data on its two-year-old inclusionary housing policy through a flashy, self-congratulatory website touting the “success of Inclusionary Housing” in the city. For
Senate President Peter Courtney’s housing proposal would make it possible for more Oregonians to use transit in the state’s largest communities by allowing more housing to be built in areas
There’s hardly a day that goes by without another story being written about the housing crisis in California. From the Bay Area all the way down to San Diego, and
Though the next Presidential election is nearly 20 months away, Decision 2020 is already in full swing. High-profile Democratic candidates are announcing election bids on a near-weekly basis, confirming that
Housing is, practically by definition, an environmental issue. Where we build housing says a lot about our views on and treatment of the land on which we live and how