Dan Bartholomay

Dan Bartholomay

Director, Board of Directors of Up for Growth, Chief Executive Officer, Rail~Volution

National Board Members

Dan Bartholomay is the Chief Executive Officer at Rail~Volution, a non-profit organization committed to the vision of cities and regions transformed into livable places where people have transportation choices. Dan takes seriously the call to partner, equip and connect people and institutions at all levels.

As CEO since 2011, Dan has strengthened the organization’s capacity for impact. He has expanded and diversified the board of directors and guided a new vision and direction for the strategic plan. He has nearly doubled the network of national partners, creating a broader base of stakeholders. He has built staff capacity to launch new programs. As a result, the movement and network focused on creating livable, equitable communities continues to grow. Specifically, Rail~Volution continues  to be North America's foremost transit and livability conference, the Rail~Volution website is now supports a more robust Information Exchange of resources for the transit, livability, and TOD industry, and the new ACT2 Place Based Program is launching, with the goal of helping regions and communities advance successful transit and TOD projects.

Prior to joining Rail~Volution, Dan played leadership roles for nearly 25 years in the public, non-profit and philanthropic sectors.  With Community Development Corporations in the neighborhoods of Chicago and St. Paul, he addressed community challenges from a multidisciplinary perspective.  As a Program Director with the McKnight Foundation, he developed the Foundation’s Region and Communities Program in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul region. Dan’s work fostered collaborations resulting in partnerships that have become national models: the Equitable Development Organizing Project (26 non-profit organizations), the Itasca Project (Twin Cities business leaders), and the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative (local and national foundations).  Dan led McKnight Foundation international grant making programs in Southeast Asia and Africa to foster community development and economic empowerment for disadvantaged people in remote ethnic minority areas. As Commissioner of the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency, Dan’s focus manifested in an impact investment framework whereby housing projects were linked to transit investments and leveraged greater community impact.

Dan has served on the Board of Directors for the Funders Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities, the Northcountry Cooperative Foundation (NCF), on National Living Cities committees, and on Local Initiatives Support Corporation’s Local Advisory Committees. He is currently on the board of Up for Growth. Dan holds an interdisciplinary B.A. from Carleton College, in Economics, Anthropology, and Political Science, centered on urban development, and is certified in Economic Development finance.