Jeff Whiting

Jeff Whiting

Director and Executive Committee Member, Board of Directors of Up for Growth Action; President & Chief Executive Officer, CREA

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Jeff oversees all activities at CREA and has since its inception in 2001. He has grown CREA from 1 to 80+ employees with a nationally-known reputation as one of the top syndication companies. His passion to help people gain stability and a sense of belonging fuels his dedication to affordable housing advocacy both locally and nationally. As he strives to ensure everyone has a voice, Jeff regularly travels to Washington, D.C. to advocate for low-income housing. As the leader of CREA, he empowers his team to make fresh, forward-thinking decisions at every turn. Outside of work, Jeff enjoys golf, spending time with his wife and four kids, reading, and doing some writing. He also volunteers as president emeritus of the Affordable House Tax Credit Coalition board in Washington, D.C.

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