Mike Kingsella

Mike Kingsella

Executive Director

National Team

Mike Kingsella is the Executive Director of Up for Growth, a diverse coalition of housing and social justice advocates, environmental organizations, housing producers, major employers, urbanists and transit associations joining forces to address our nationwide housing shortage.

Up for Growth provides an expert forum to advance public discourse and promote innovative solutions to the housing crisis. Mike leads all elements of Up for Growth’s operations, including policy research and development, strategic communications, stakeholder outreach, and federal, state and local advocacy efforts.

Prior to launching Up for Growth, Mike founded and served as Executive Director of Oregon Smart Growth, the first statewide affiliate of Smart Growth America’s LOCUS coalition of responsible developers and investors. Oregon Smart Growth represents more than 40 developers, investors, and development industry firms that support state and local policy enabling and promoting development of dense, walkable, sustainable neighborhoods.

Mike is an expert in urban development and housing policy with over 15 years of experience in housing, commercial real estate investment, capital markets and asset management. He has a Bachelor of Science in Community Development and Real Estate Development from the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon.