Sonja Trauss

Sonja Trauss

Director, Board of Directors of Up for Growth, President of YIMBY Law and Co-Founder of the YIMBY Party

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Sonja Trauss is President of YIMBY Law, a legal non-profit that enforces state housing laws. YIMBY Law ensures that opportunity rich cities, and low density suburbs build their state required housing allocations. YIMBY Law also advises lawmakers on necessary amendments to existing state laws, and trains housing advocates to spot violations.

Sonja is also a founder of the YIMBY movement in California. She started organizing pro-housing renters in the Bay Area in 2014 while still working as a high school math teacher. Since 2014 grassroots pro-housing groups have organized all over California, and the United States, to advocate for higher density zoning, more predictable entitlement processes and dedicated public funding so that high demand regions can accommodate population growth, reduce displacement and become economically integrated.

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