Policy Research Library

Policy Research Library

Up for Growth is committed to producing a robust body of data-driven research to advance a shared understanding of the causes and impacts of the housing crisis and to carve out space for thoughtful solutions to arise.   

We leverage the expertise of our member network to identify critical issues at the federal, state, and local levels and advance innovative policy proposals for accelerating equitable community growth.

Federal Policy Research

The housing shortage and affordability crisis cannot be adequately resolved without effective, evidence-based federal intervention. Our federal Policy Briefs provide in-depth exploration of housing-related policy topics. Legislative Notes provide timely, data-driven analyses of active and proposed federal legislation. 

State & Local Policy Research

State and local governments are responsible for key decisions around housing, land use, and planning. Understanding the complex interplay in these environments is essential to ensuring adequate housing supply and equitable community growth.   

Our Legislative Notes feature analyses of active and proposed state legislation alongside analysis of how state policy interventions affect housing.  

Housing Underproduction Report Series

In 2018, Up for Growth launched a groundbreaking research series that quantified housing underproduction in the United States and explored the causes and consequences of the housing shortage. The flagship report, Housing Underproduction in the United States, and subsequent state reports in California, Washington, and Oregon offer critical insight into the scope of the housing crisis, the consequences of underproduction, and best strategies for future growth.